Parenting Class

“Train up a child in the way he should go…”  You have probably heard this biblical instruction before, but what does it mean?  How do you “train” your child and where should they “go”?  This class answers those questions through Peggy’s new book, Getting To The Heart of Your Child .  The class will discuss the value of relationship, discipline and instruction and the how-to’s of good parenting.

 Peggy will present the material in a weekly class or a single format to groups wanting to improve their skills and knowledge of parenting.  A national book tour is in the making so contact her to see if she will be coming to your area. For more information about the book, check it out on this website, Amazon or Barns and Noble.

Relationship Class

We all deal with relationships and different personalities.  This class goes into depth on personalities, communication and conflict resolution.  The class offers practical and biblical ways to handle our relationships whether it is in a marriage, family, dating, co-workers and friends.


Biblical Peacemaking

When the Bible tells us to “do whatever it takes to live at peace,” what does that mean?  This class will talk about “peace fakers,” peace breakers”, and  “peace makers” and address conflict and how to achieve reconciliation and peace.  This information has been presented to churches and other organizations to help them reconcile over issues as well as helping to avoid potential conflicts through this instruction.  A follow-up mediation is also available through Genesis.

Understanding Christian Contentment

This class focuses on the topic of Christian contentment using Philippians 4:12 (“I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation”) as a foundation.  We walk through Paul’s understanding of Faith, Hope, Love and Grace and how these are specifically linked to his contentment in life.

Marriage Class

This class focuses on key aspects of marriage such as: intimacy, personality differences, communication & conflict resolution, the art of negotiation, understanding biblical roles, love languages, etc.  The emphasis is on accurately understanding these topics and the practical implications they have on our marriage.

Worldview Class

This class focuses on growing in a deeper understanding of a truly biblical worldview to life.  In this class we differentiate and discuss a Biblical worldview versus a Christian Humanistic, Secular and Atheistic worldview to life.

Issues We Face Class

This class focuses on the many issues we face as God’s creatures living in a fallen world such as: depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, etc.  The emphasis is on understanding these issues from a biblical as well as a practical level.


This class addresses the topic of suffering.  We look at suffering from many different angles.  Why do we suffer?  What are the many reasons why we suffer?  How do we make sense of suffering?  What is a truly biblical understanding of suffering?

Coffee Cup Counseling

This class focuses on how to effectively reach out to those around us.  How do you relate to people who are struggling?  How to you enter another’s world?  How do you learn to think through issues from a biblical perspective?  How do you effectively engage others at the heart level?

Marriage Mentoring

This class focuses to helping couples learn how to effectively reach out to other couples who are struggling.  The emphasis is on practical tools and information couples may use to reach out and mentor other couples within the church.

Biblical Peacemaking

This class focuses on how to resolve conflict from a biblical perspective.  The class is largely based upon the book The Peacemaker, and the Peacemaker Ministries material.

Living for Control

This class focuses on digging into what lies underneath “living for control”, and the negative effects it has on our life and our relationships.   We will consider the questions: 1. Why do we tend to live for control? and, How do we rightly manage life and maintain inner peace as we live out life in a fallen world?