I was a burned out mother and wife, feeling stranded on my island. Equine therapy helped my family see why and gave me a better understanding of the dynamics that contributed to our poorly functioning system. Equine therapy gave us all a point of reference, a mutual experience, to help us get unstuck when we start turning back to the old pre-therapy way. It brought our kids into the process for a more holistic experience.  

- Lisa

Our family is experiencing a heart-shattering situation involving one of our children. I looked for help...NOTHING made an impact. Until I spent time with Peggy, the counselor at Genesis and Shiloh Stables. First, there was prayer - sincere intercession for our family. Then accompanied by a few horses, I was guided into a safe "inner" place to address the overwhelming emotions that had kept me in constant despair. I cannot say how it works, but I found myself opening up and gaining new understanding, moving to a place of insight and clarity I never even imagined possible. As I interacted with Peggy and these gentle creatures, I found the strength and wisdom I truly need to move forward. I am forever grateful to see how this amazing kind of therapy changed me. It is powerful!

- a mother from St. Louis

After a week at Genesis, the Lord is returning the years the locusts have stolen. - a couple from MN
We have come to trust Peggy and Dave and the biblically-based marriage counseling that they do. The first couple we sent to Genesis was truly transformed. Since then, we have had many transformed couples through the MRW. These couples have become our biggest advocates of sending other couples to Genesis. When a couple comes back, we now hand them over to one of our capable mentoring couples trained through their Marriage Mentoring Program (MMP). - Pastor Werthman, MN
They took our marriage that we had little hope for and sent us home with tools to make our marriage what we always wanted it to be. - a couple from St. Louis
It was an enlightening experience and well worth the time and money devoted to the process. - Paul and Janet
What a difference one week can make! - a wife and mother
I would highly recommend Genesis to anyone. They use their God-given gifts in awesome ways. - a couple from St. Louis
Genesis gave deep insight to needed change in a non-threatening way. It was an enlightening experience and well worth the time devoted to the process. - a couple
You have been a God-send to me. You have helped me in many ways to understand and deal with the issues I have faced. - a couple from Missouri
This was life changing! What an answer to prayer on so many levels! - a couple from Cape Girardeau

 After experiencing Speaking Sessions with Genesis Christian Counseling, here are a few things our guests had to say:
I wish I had this information years ago.
This information is so helpful. It has given me insight to see why I have been doing what Iím doing
This has been a life-changing class!

 Guests from a recent church that partnered with Genesis for a Marriage Mentor Program had this to say:

We really enjoyed the training. You guys make a good team.

I came here to learn how to help others.  And I actually came away learning a lot about myself as well.

This weekend far exceeded my expectations!

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