Marriage Reconciliation Week

Is your marriage worth one week of your life?

Why the Marriage Reconciliation Week (MRW)
Saving your marriage is a better alternative than divorce. Litigation and going through a divorce is typically a costly and painful process. We encourage couples to do everything they can to save their marriage before pursuing a divorce. We believe the MRW is a great way to intentitionally give your marriage a week before making a decision to end it.

What is a Marriage Reconciliation Week?
The Marriage Reconciliation Week (MRW) is a unique blend of intensive counseling and mediation services. The MRW consists of 5 days meeting privately with a male and female Licensed Professional Counselor who are also trained in mediation (See Bios). The MRW is designed to help couples reconcile their relationships while providing some get-away time to reconnect with themselves, each other, and the Lord. The MRW is not a group activity. It is a personal week tailored for you and “your” marriage.

What Makes the MRW so successful?

One reason the MRW is so successful is that there is adequate time to get issues out and fully engage as a couple. A second reason is that we seek to get to the core roots (the heart) of the problems that exist within the marriage. Thirdly, we give couples practical tools necessary to begin relating in a more healthy and constructive manner.

Who can benefit from an MRW?
• Couples that feel trapped and hopeless but don’t want their marriage to end
• A marriage where one spouse has basically given up on their marriage
• Couples who want a closer connection than what they currently have
• Couples who struggle with moving past a difficult issue
• Infidelity issues

What if we don’t live in St. Louis?
We have had couples come to St. Louis from as far east as Florida and as far west as Montana. Couples repeatedly tell us they really enjoyed getting away from the stress of their busy schedules and having a quiet, focused time to concentrate on their marriage. Even couples from St. Louis often choose to stay in a hotel and put their life on hold for a week while they are restoring their marriage. If you cannot come to us, we do have the option of coming to you.

How do we know if we should come for an MRW?
We will be happy to provide a free consultation to see if the MRW would be a good fit for you and your unique situation. This does not commit you to anything, but allows you to explore options and better understand the process.

What about cost?
When you sign up for our MRW you automatically save 45% off the normal cost of our counseling services. With the MRW package you will receive a personal marital assessment, two counseling sessions prior to the week-long intensive, and two sessions after the week. As couples have testified, “It is worth every penny.” Our MRW is definitely much cheaper than a divorce and priceless when it comes to avoiding a broken family. Call us for detailed pricing and information. We believe you will find that we are actually more cost effective than other intensive marriage weeks.

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