Marriage Mentor Practicum

Many couples have a heart to reach out to other married couples, but they do not feel adequate or prepared enough to actually help. They may even try to reach out, but they quickly feel like they are in over their head. They are afraid they may say something wrong or lead a couple down the wrong path. With these people in mind we developed the Marriage Mentor Practicum.

The Marriage Mentoring Practicum is a biblically-based practicum designed to instruct individuals and couples on how to effectively reach out to (and mentor) other couples who are struggling in their marriage. We will come and train individuals and couples with the same biblically-based, practical, hands-on material that we use in our own counseling practice, and give valuable tools in how to effectively reach out to others.

The Marriage Mentoring Practicum is a 1 1⁄2 to 2 day practicum that addresses topics such as: the importance of the heart in the helping process, intimacy from A-Z, understanding the importance of priorities in marriage, understanding proper marital roles, six attitudes of couples that greatly benefit from marriage mentoring, communication and conflict resolution, finances, parenting, and when to refer. The practicum is a combination of instruction, demonstration by the presenters, and hands-on practice by the participants.

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